Side Events

Are you interested in getting to know the world of trading? Do you want to apply your programming and problem solving skills in a competitive yet informal setting? Then come and join us for an exciting event with IMC, a leading global market maker.

During IMC’s Trading Experience you will be challenged with an assignment to help you see how your skills apply to financial markets. Together with two of IMC’s traders and/or engineers, you will play a trading game –a perfect opportunity to better understand how much fun it is to work at IMC. You will play the game using Python, so please bring your laptop. The people of IMC will also use the opportunity to tell you more about trading and technology at their company. Feel free to ask them all your questions about their business, life at IMC and more.

The winners of the challenge win a trip to IMC’s headquarters in Amsterdam!


  • 12.30: Lunch and Introduction
  • 13.00: Trading Simulation
  • 17.00: Announcements of Winners
  • 17.30: End of Challenge


VMP Members:


If the registration is full, precendence will be given to Master’s and 3rd year Bachelor’s students studying Maths, Physics or CSE at ETH or UZH

About together AG

We support students and graduates to find the appropriate employer. With our leading career guide “Career Starter” and our career events in different regions in Switzerland, we support you to prepare your career start. The Career Starter is the leading career guide in Switzerland. The price for a copy is CHF 35.-. At the MindPhair you will receive a copy for free.

ETH Career Center – Interviewtraining

During this session, you will view a film produced by the ETH Career Center in which actors portray a typical job interview. We will watch and reflect on different scenes of the video so that you become familiar with typical interview questions, acceptable and inadequate answers, and other classic mistakes to avoid. Thanks to the videosequences and the facilitators’ explanations and comments, you will learn what to expect from a job interview, why the interviewer asks certain questions and how to portray yourself in the best light possible.


Speaker: Milad Mobarhan (Principal Software Engineer), Johan Hatleskog (Software Engineer) & Elias Bjørne (Data Scientist II).

Language: Englisch

Description: Companies in heavy-asset industries such as manufacturing, utilities, and oil and gas spend enormous resources on laborious manual inspections of their installations. Typically these tasks are tedious, time-consuming, and regularly expose personnel to hazardous environments. The recent availability of fexible industry-grade mobile robotic platforms opens up new opportunities for reducing the cost and HSE risk while improving inspection quality. In this talk we will present how Cognite, with partnership with Boston Dynamics, will be using robots and computer vision to help heavy-asset companies conduct industrial inspection in a safer and more cost-effcient manner.

Speaker: TBA

Language: Englisch

Description: You are interested in machine learning and wondering how it is applied in industries such as insurance, health care, retail, and banking? Then come and join us for an exclusive evening with the fast-growing econ/data science startup QuantCo. In particular, QuantCo is providing you with insights on how to conduct experiments and develop and deploy machine learning models in industry settings.

Afterevent: After the talk there will be an opportunity to have dinner with the QuantCo representatives. To attend please apply by CV to lena:

Speaker: Bill Laboon, Technical Education Lead at Web3 Foundation (former lecturer in the Computer Science department at the University of Pittsburgh)

Language: Englisch

Description: Traditional proof-of-work blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are extremely ineffcient in terms of energy usage, and allow for only probabilistic fnality. Using other, traditional ways to come to consensus on distributed systems (such as Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance) is more energy-effcient, but can be quite slow and vulnerable to stalling. In Polkadot, a new blockchain technology, these problems are ameliorated by using a hybrid consensus model. This divorces the mechanism of block production from block fnalization, allowing blocks to be produced in all situations, but provably fnalized later via a separate protocol. In this talk, we will frst briefy go over the basics of blockchain technology (e.g. what is a blockchain, how are blocks traditionally produced,etc.), and the benefts and drawbacks of this approach. We will then dive deeply into how the BABE and GRANDPA protocols work, how they are used in Polkadot to produce and finalize blocks, and how together they can provide an extremely high-uptime, yet fnalizable, production of a canonical history.

Speaker: Thomas Obrist

Language: Englisch

Description: TBA

Speaker: Dr. Ambra Toletti, IT Business analyst

Language: Englisch

Description: Moving passengers and tonnes of goods in their millions, in an efficient and customer friendly way, is the big challenge facing modern railway systems every day. The innovation programme smartrail 4.0 is developing new decision support tools and automated systems in order to rise to it. Software engineers, mathematicians, algorithm experts, and physicists are working alongside railway planners and train drivers to reshape the entire railway system. This talk gives an insight into the tasks, work environment, and future challenges of these sorts of unexpected figures who are taking over the railway industry.

Speaker: Helen Ou, PhD, CFA, Quantitative Researcher for ETF Trading at SIG

Language: Englisch

Description: The financial industry is experiencing revolutionary change driven, in part, by advancements in artifcial intelligence. Quantitative trading firms, in particular, have been pioneers in researching and incorporating new technologies into their automated trading solutions.

We invite you to join Susquehanna International Group (SIG) to learn how financial industry practitioners are tackling real world problems
using probability, statistics, optimisation, and machine learning.

This workshop will be led by Helen Ou, PhD, CFA, a Quantitative Researcher for ETF Trading at SIG. Helen received her PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, in 2009. She specialised in pattern recognition and machine learning. Prior to joining SIG, she led a research team at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, where she built automated solutions to identify migrating whale species. In 2013, Helen joined SIG’s Quantitative Research team in Dublin, where she explores machine learning technologies for trading solutions. Helen also leads quant recruitment initiatives for SIG Dublin.

Speaker: Jörgen Stehr, Head Clients and Channel IT

Language: Englisch

Description: Modern Leadership in agile software delivery: Within agile frameworks ideal teams are integrated, small and homogeneous. The reality however, usually looks different. Which success factors are relevant for scaled, multi locations and complex agile projects. Key elements:
• modern leadership
• business and architecture vision
• transparent prioritization
• decentral responsibility
• allow product innovation
• reality check.

Speaker: Philipp Thomann

Language: Englisch

Description: Phones, coffee machines, cars, and air- planes – it’s all about screws, nuts, and bolts! What is the best fastening element for your brilliant new product among the hundred thousands of products, each with different qualities, application domains, and specifcations? Together with the experts at one of the market leaders in fastening we created a data- and AI-driven “Product Solution Advisor” based on information in text documents combined with structured data as well as expert knowledge. We will present the journey we took together: NLP machine learning models, the integration into a search platform, the extension with a graph-based ontology, the design of the UI and the roll-out.

Speaker: Dr. Michael Moser, Director of RD

Language: Englisch

Description: While at the beginning of the 80s the CD player, the first consumer application for lasers, found its way into almost every household under great attention, today we almost constantly use laser diodes, often without noticing it. In this lecture the physical basics of AlGaAs semiconductor lasers will be discussed frst. Subsequently, the manufacturing process of the laser diodes is briefy described. The third part discusses some of the above applications in more detail to give an impression of the variety of applications and their importance for our lives today.

Speaker: Svein Lokas (Copernicus Sentinel-1 Spacecraft and AIT Manager)

Language: Englisch

Description: The European Space Agency (ESA) is Europe‘s gateway to space. Its mission is to shape the development of Europe‘s space capability
and ensure that investment in space continues to deliver benefts to the citizens of Europe and the world. ESA is an international organisation with 22 Member States. By coordinating the financial and intellectual resources of its members, it can undertake programmes and activities far beyond the scope of any single European country.