Workshops and Talks

Talks Schedule

Monday 29.03

11:00 UBS
13:00 Bank Vontobel
14:00 Hamilton Medical [Cancelled]
15:00 Polariton
16:00 Qnami

Tuesday 30.03

10:00 Axpo [Moved]
11:00 Confinale
13:00 D-One
14:00 Meteo Swiss
15:00 Allianz
17:00 SIG

Workshop: IMC Trading Challenge

We’ll challenge you with an assignment that will help you see how your skills apply to financial markets. Together with two of our traders/developers, you’ll develop a trading strategy and test it on real-world data – a perfect opportunity to better understand the complexities in designing trading algorithms, and what it’s like to do this at IMC.

We will build our prototype in Python, so please be prepared. If you have no experience with Python then MATLAB will work as well. We’ll also use the opportunity to give you more information about trading and technology at IMC. And also give you a chance to ask all your questions about our business, life at IMC and more. We hope you’re as excited to meet us (virtually) as we are to meet you!

Date: 31st of March, 10:00

Registration Open!

Workshop: D ONE – NLPeasy – Harnessing the Power of Unstructured Data

Knowledge in most organisations is often only available as unstructured text in E- Mails, CRM entries, wiki articles etc.

Harnessing this knowledge and making it available to the users that need it most is a challenging problem. Advances in machine learning and, in particular, NLP open new possibilities for doing intelligent and efficient knowledge management.

In this 2-hour hands-on tutorial we will present how to use our open source software NLPeasy: quickly setup Pandas-based pipelines, enhanced with ML-Methods and pre-trained models (e.g. word embeddings, sentiment analysis).

The results can then be saved in Elasticsearch, and Kibana dashboards can be automatically generated to explore the texts and results.

You will set up a simple yet powerful NLP pipeline and ingest texts into Elasticsearch. Then you will explore generated Kibana Dashboards for visualisation and adapt these.

Prerequisites: Jupyter, Pandas, internet access

Speakers: Philipp Thomann, Jacqueline Stählen

Date: 26th of March, 10:00-12:00

Registration Open!

Workshop: FlowTraders – Trading Game and ETF Lecture

During our interactive workshop, you will gain more insight into the world of trading provided by a Trader and Recruiter. This is your chance to ask all of your questions and to find out what a day in the life of a trader is like.

Our Trader will provide a mini lecture on ETFs and will share information about our core-business with you. You will also learn about our company culture, cutting edge technology and how you can become a trader yourself!

​At the end of the in-house day, we will play a trading game. The trading game is an exciting opportunity to compete with your fellow students and see if you may have what it takes to become a trader.

Your mathematical and analytical skills will be put to the test. We will end the workshop with an interactive Q&A session.

Date: 30th of March, 13:00

Registration open!


Monday, 29th of March

Engineering is Mandatory, the Rest Comes Naturally

UBS, Stefan Arn (Head of Technology for Global Wealth Management Switzerland & International)

Before joining UBS, I founded my own software company. Before that, I completed an apprenticeship as a chemist and graduated with a Master’s degree in computer science from ETH Zurich. Today, I’m leading a technology organization with over 5000 employees and a yearly budget in the high three-digit million range. In this session, I will give you some personal insights into the exciting combination of banking and technology.

How is AI Changing Finance?

Bank Vontobel, François Rüf (Head of Data, AI and Machine Learning and ETH Physics PhD Alumnus)

Are you curious to hear more about how AI is currently changing the financial world? 

Join us for this talk with Francois Rüf, ETH Alumn and Head of Data, AI and Machine Learning at Vontobel, who will share his view on the topic and some real life examples. 

In addition, Alice Thesling, ETH Alumna and Trainee Data Science and Data Engineering, will share insights of her experience during her Trainee program at Vontobel. 

Learn how we tackle the biggest problems in finance with a highly skilled, international and diverse AI and data team. Get some insights how it feels like to work in a team that challenges the status quo!

Vontobel is s a globally operating investment player in Zurich. We specialize in wealth management, active asset management and investment solutions. Next to Data Science and Data Engineering positions, we also offer various tech-focused roles within our Trainee Program. At the end of the talk, our Trainee Program Manager Aline Biggel will be sharing a 5 min overview.

How the WEB3 Foundation is Digitalizing Medical Devices

Hamilton Medical, Christian Hefti


Introduction to Hamilton / Hamilton Medical (5-10 min.)

Walkthrough – How connectivity has been introduced to Hamilton Medical Ventilators (25-30 min.) We‘ll be showing the newly in- troduced connectivity products and recap some milestones of the development of the connectivity solution for Hamilton Medical.

Questions (5-15 min.)

The Golden Link – Micrometer-Scale Plasmonics for Optical Communications

Polariton Technologies – Claudia Hössbacher, CEO

Our world is filling with digital devices and modern lifestyle allows people to exchange more and more data via the Internet. Polariton’s objective is to overcome the current interconnect bottleneck by a new way to impart information using micrometer-scale plasmonics, which allows a higher volume of information flow by supporting a wider spectrum of frequencies. Natural applications are in next-generation optical communication links as well as sensing. In this talk, we will dive deeply into the technology, discuss progress and challenges and how to turn technology into a viable product.

Quantum Sensors in the Industry

Qnami, Marcelo Gonzalez (Quantum Engineer)

Quantum Technologies are gaining traction as they present newer and better solution to current applications, one of the many reasons why there is an immense amount of funding that surrounds them. Quantum sensing is at the core of these quantum technologies, yet some people are unaware of their advantages, where can they be found and how do they work. Qnami, a Swiss innovative start-up, is trying to bring all of this to the world and make quantum easy. If you are looking to learn how a substitutional nitrogen embedded around carbon atoms can serve as a quantum sensor and how this can help in various industries, do not hesitate and join this talk and maybe even our quantum wave.

[Moved] Sustainable, Innovative and Reliable: A Virtual Journey Through the Origination Business

Axpo, Vlatka Komaric (Head of Quantitative Risk Management)

Have you ever wondered how the energy supply of a wind farm ends up where the consumers need it? How is it possible for an energy-intensive industry company in the UK, for example, to choose renewable energy sources and have it delivered from Norway? Vlatka Komaric, Head Quantitative Risk Management at Axpo, will introduce you to the world of Axpo’s tailor-made energy products in 39 markets, power purchasing agreements (PPA) and the process of origination during her talk from 17:00-17:45 on March 29th.

Tuesday, 30th of March

IT Consulting: Entwickle smarte Algorithmen als Physiker/Ingenieur

Confinale, Herr Roland Staub (CEO&Partner)

Smarte Algorithmen sollen die spezifischen Wünsche und Bedürfnisse jedes einzelnen Kunden berücksichtigen und die passenden Finanzprodukte auswählen. 

Dabei wecken Anlageideen für nachhaltige Produkte und innovative Technologien die Emotionen einer bestimmten Kundengruppe.

In der Applikation erfolgt der Zuordnungsprozess mittels komplexer Algorithmen. Die resultierende Anlageempfehlung wird individuell über den passenden digitalen Kanal kommuniziert.

Gerne zeigen wir auf, wie wir für diese Anforderungen eine innovative Lösung entwickeln.

How to Find the Nut in the Haystack

D ONE, Philipp Thomann (Managing Consultant)

Phones, coffee machines, cars, and air- planes – it’s all about screws, nuts, and bolts!
What is the best fastening element for your brilliant new product among the hundred thousands of
products, each with different qualities, application domains, and specifications? Together with the
experts at one of the market leaders in fastening we created a data- and AI-driven “Product
Solution Advisor” based on information in text documents combined with structured data as well as
expert knowledge.
We will present the journey we took together: NLP machine learning models, the integration into a
search platform, the extension with a graph-based ontology, the design of the UI and the roll-out.

Insight Into the Numerical Weather Prediction at MeteoSwiss

MeteoSwiss, Xavier Lapillonne (Head of Numerical Prediction)

Accurate and timely delivery of weather forecast are essential for many human activities. MeteoSwiss, the Swiss national weather service, is among other responsible for developing and running a so called numerical weather prediction system. In this talk we present the different aspects from collecting observations to the model developments required to produce such numerical forecast. We also discuss the High Performance Computing component of such a time critical application and show how Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) are used at MeteoSwiss. Finally we provide an overview of the production line including Post-processing aspects.

How a Mathematician Survived in Insurance (even happily)

Allianz, Dr. Christian Graf (Senior Actuary)

Insurance offers a variety of job opportunities for students with analytical skills. A mathematician who – with some mixed feelings – changed from doing research in knot theory to being a non-life pricing actuary at Allianz Suisse explains his work and why it was the right choice.

Get Switzerland Moving: Your Future Perspectives in the Swiss Railway Industry

SBB CFF FFS, Ambra Toletti, Reto Ramseier

Have you ever wondered how algorithms can contribute in shaping the Swiss railway system? Find out what your daily business at Switzerland’s largest travel and transport company as a computer scientist, physicist or mathematician might look like. Join our talk and get exclusive insights into our exciting graduate programmes, meaningful tasks in innovative projects and the fascinating work environment!

Machine Learning in Quantitative Finance

SIG Susquehanna, Thomas Caye

Financial markets are ever-evolving structures, always changing, and bringing new challenges, but fortunately, the arsenal of techniques and methods at the disposition of the data analyst is growing too. Leveraging these techniques to find profitable patterns in enormous amount of data, and adapting them into production algorithms, are some of the tasks that make the life of a quantitative researcher exciting. Join us to learn more about how state-of-the-art research enters the day-to-day world.