[MindPhair] Team of 2018

Our core team behind the [MindPhair] 2018:

Head of [MindPhair]

Selina Waber

Vice HEad of [Mindphair]

Samuel Pullely

Side-Events and Talks

Tim Rohner

External Relations

Basile Despond

Philipp Müller

Paul Friedrich

Yujie Wu

Pascal Oswald

Aritz Bercher 


Lars Brem

Public Relations

Bibiana Prinoth

Booth Construction

Jonas von Milczewcki 


Pascal Würsch

Michael Heinzer

Olivia Sliz

Ronan Lindörfer IT

[MindPhair] team member of the past years

We would like to cordially thank everyone who has contributed to [MindPhair].
Malek Sarraj Vice-Head of [MindPhair]
Ramon Braunwarth Treasurer
Christoph Glanzer Website
Solt KovÃĄcs External Relations
Robert Leitner Booth Construction
Daniel Merten External Relations
Fleming Bruckmaier Talks & Workshops
Max Kessler – Head of the [MindPhair]
Alexander von Boetticher – External Relations
Patrick Amrein – External Relations
Christina Sauter – External Relations
Natascha Hedrich – Booth Construction
Fabian Brunner – External Relations
Florian Zeiser – External Relations
Simon Schöller – Head of the [MindPhair] Team
Maxim Samarin – External Relations
Christa Zoufal – External Relations