[MindPhair 2023] Talk – ESA


From building satellites to using their data for monitoring the Earth’s environment and its climate

– Dr. Maurice Borgeaud, Retired, former Head of Department Earth Observation Programmes Directorate

Ever dreamt of becoming a rocket scientist? Interested in learning
more about working for the European Space Agency?

Come to this talk to hear about the fast-developing fields of satelite data applications, particularly those aimed at gaining a better understanding of our planet and its environment as well as of the effects of climate change. Hear how new space missions are prepared to address key science questions and societal challenges.

ESA’s main activities in these domains will be presented together with a description of the complete lifecycle of a satellite mission, from the origin of the mission to meet specific user requirements right through to the operation of the satellite once launched.

The different employment opportunities offered by ESA, as well as the aspects of ESA careers linked to system engineering, mathematics, physics and computational science from Big Data to artificial intelligence, will also be highlighted.