Working in a Start-Up



The working environment in Startups is known to be quite different from that in established companies. More flexible working times, a wider scope of tasks, daily new challenges to overcome and coworkers with excellent problem solving skills and high commitment is what comes to mind when thinking about everyday life in a startup. This MindPhair Event aims to give insight into which of these expectations are true, the upshots but also the downfalls of working in a Startup. In a series of six short interactive talks, we will present what working life in a Startup looks like. The talks are given by serial entrepreneur and author Anil Sethi and founders and employees of five interesting Tech-Startups which give insight into their everyday working life.

If you want to know whether a Startup is the place for you to start your career or not, this is your event.


Anil Sethi, lecturer ETH MTEC
Eva De Leo, Polariton
Denys Sutter, condenZero
Philipp Andermatt, Kitro
Henry Twerenbold, Aseptuva
Pascal Buholzer, Scewo